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Recent Computer Scientist graduate exploring Tech and Entrepreneurship.


Now more than ever it is important for people to hone their entrepreneurial skills in whichever discipline they excel at. It will be as if you went right from a junior role all the way to the CEO’s desk. You will be in charge of your time, how the business spends its money and the creativity and direction of it, hacking systems to reach new heights in productive output.

Therefore my mission with this website is to explore the discipline of Computer Science which helps to understand the technological advances in our society and how we can use it for our own goals.

I hope you can share my passion for both Computer Science and Entrepreneurship.


A desire to help and empower others with the tools of CS and Entrepreneurship.


My blog is focussed on exploring various types of systems which you can integrate into your daily life to boost productivity. The blog is here.


As well as being a software developer in a financial technology company, I am a freelance web developer and also make android applications.

Digital Product

I provide an application called TextWonder which summarises texts and generates questions to help you understand a piece of text.

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